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Effortlessly Monitor Sales and Inventory for Simplified, Streamlined Replenishment.

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Easily monitor sales and inventory, utilize customizable reports, and enjoy automated data exports for streamlined operations.

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Never Encounter Shortages
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Precise Inventory Forecasting

Replenishment Solutions for Every Need

Automated Replenishment Exports

Fully Customizable for Tailored Reporting

Craft Custom Dashboards and Reports in Minutes.

Export Data in Any Format and Structure.

On-Demand Customization for Complex Requests.

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The AI Inventory Management Report makes keeping track of stock easy with its smart technology. It helps businesses manage their inventory better by giving clear insights and suggestions.

Philip Yokkao


It's a really nice app to have when you need to analize your products, it has plenty of reports and the personalization you can make to any of them helps tons to clean the info and to process.

Isaac Rivera


Really great app for inventory forecasting at a reasonable price. The support is excellent.

Jay Shah


This system is amazing and saves us so much work in forecasting and ordering across all SKU and variants. Highly recommended!Customer service is brilliant and right on spot!

Sarah Smith


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Discover Top-Loved Features

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Optimize inventory with predictive sales insights

Efficient Inventory Replenishment

Automate replenishment for timely and precise inventory levels

Multi-location Inventory Tracking

Manage and monitor inventory across multiple stores and warehouses

Product Performance Analytics

Gain insights into product trends and sales performance

Enhanced Spreadsheet Integration

Create complex dashboards in Google Sheets using real-time data from your store

Automated Report Scheduling

Schedule and receive customized reports via email.