Seamless Google Spreadsheet Integration for Data Analysis

Generate Reports in Google Spreadsheet

Build custom dashboards and reports using real-time data from your store.

Data Sync

Automate Data Flows

By connecting Assisty directly to your Google Spreadsheet account, you gain access to powerful, real-time analytics and reporting capabilities right within a familiar environment.

Quickly and securely sync data to Google Spreadsheet.

Utilize pre-designed Google Spreadsheet templates.

Create tailored reports and dashboards in Google Spreadsheets.

Begin optimizing your Inventory today

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Real-Time Insights

More informed decisions with up-to-date data synced directly to spreadsheets


Enjoy the freedom to design your own reports and dashboards.


Reduce manual data entry and errors with automated data updates, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Connect Shopify to Google Sheets

Streamline your Shopify data management with a direct link to Google Sheets. Follow these easy steps to set up your connection and start benefiting from seamless data integration.

Enable the Google Sheets Integration in Assisty.

Grant permission for Assisty to access your Google Sheets.

Pick a template from the available Google Spreadsheet templates.

Adjust your Google Spreadsheet file to meet your specific business requirements.

GOOGLE Sheet Templates

Take a look at the most popular templates

YOY Sales Dashboard

Access the YOY Sales Dashboard in Google Spreadsheet to easily track and analyze yearly sales trends and performance metrics.

Inventory Forecasting

Utilize the Inventory Forecasting report in Google Spreadsheet to predict future stock needs based on current trends, ensuring optimal inventory levels.

Inventory Replenishment

Review the Inventory Replenishment report in Google Spreadsheet to identify and manage stock levels efficiently, ensuring timely restocking of items.

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